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ETINU is no-nonsense value, with attentive background support, ensuring a sound web site framework and everything needed for 100% online working

We enable you to build a clean, individualised, state of the art web site, with oodles of potential, quickly. We also host this for you in a secure and well connected environment.

We assume you want your own place on the web that:

  • you can extend at your leisure after the initial build, changing and optimising the structure, updating any page yourself at any time, and always focusing on the important content without distractions
  • has built in functionality for you to develop it into a full enterprise class web site if wanted—including a registered user base, user groups, access control to sections and user communication options—or serve as a simple micro site for blogs, picture gallery, resource catalogs, or similar, with simple no hassle management
  • allows you to get right into the core HTML5 and CSS3, if desired, making the exact changes you want, or go with system defaults that ensure an aesthetic rendering of your content
  • generates an RSS feed of news and blog updates
  • is ready to use with Google Analytics
  • employs the latest and established web technologies well, implemented by people who know what they're doing with every aspect of web site hosting

If you've read this far then your curiosity must be piqued enough to try ETINU. You can create a new site now with absolutely no commitment. Just follow our simple instructions and when you've got your initial site running (in 5 minutes time) you can use our guidelines and blog to learn more and make your site better and better.