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2—Add content

Having created a new web site and set up the very basics, you have three sections: Greeting, News and Support. You can now:

  1. add different types of sections and arrange the site structure
  2. add and edit content
  3. adjust the default look and feel styling of the site

Add a new section type

Go to the Administration section, select Sections, select Add section and a form is displayed as below. Choose the blog section type from the dropdown menu and fill in the rest of the form and submit.

Image showing different types of sections

Continue to add the sections that you think you'll need. News uses the newsitems section type that's been added for you. Other section types include an events calendar, a gallery of photos, a generic section which allows you to add content with any layout of your choosing. You can create multiple section types in one site, for example, if you want multiple blogs on one site, you can add the blog section type several times allowing you to cover different subjects within the site.

To view the web site structure of all the sections and subsections you have added, go to the Administration section and select Sections and the sections will be displayed horizontally. You can rename them by selecting the Edit pencil icon icon and editing the form or delete the section by selecting the Delete icon icon.

Image showing list of sections and subsections

You can also rearrange the site structure by making a section a subsection of another. To do this, select the Edit pencil icon icon of the section you want to change. When the form is displayed, select from the Parent section dropdown menu (as below) the main section you want the section to appear as a subsection and submit the form. The page will refresh and the List will display the change.

Image showing the options in Add section form

You will also see the sections and subsections will have changed in the main menu of your web site.

For more information, see: Add section guide to assist you when adding a section; Available section types guide to see the other types you can use; and Site structure guide to get more information on developing your site structure.


Add content

Go to the News section or one of the sections you've just created and you will see several options available to you. Within the News section, select the Add news option and a form will be displayed (note only Display current and Archives can be seen by the public):

Image showing the form to add a news item

This form allows you to: set the start date (when the newsitem will appear on the site), set an expiry date (when it will move to Archives), add title, add content, upload documents or images (if required). Once you submit the form, the news item is displayed.


Change the colours and styles

Go to the Administration section, select Style subsection and you will see the options displayed as below.

Image showing the Style options

Select the option Default spreadsheet and the page will refresh to display all the styles in the default stylesheet created for you when your site was first set up. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the option Open in new window to save. When the window is displayed, select from the File menu in your browser, the 'Save as' option to save the stylesheet to your local hard disk.

Open the file with a text editor and change the background-color for the body tag. By default it is set to white, now change it to green. To replace the default stylesheet, select Custom stylesheets option and select Upload custom stylesheet in Manage default stylesheet. Select the Choose File to upload the file that you have edited from your local hard disk. Once uploaded, now select Start using and the page will refresh to show the change you have made.

If you are interested in learning more about CSS, there are web sites dedicated to explaining CSS, one of them being CSS Tutorial. Otherwise if you need help, please do not contact us by filling in the support form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.